Application Process

A new home is likely the biggest purchase you will make in your life. To that end, it’s crucial that you find a mortgage provider you can count on to offer expert, honest assistance every step of the way. At Verico Crown Mortgage Services, we are as passionate about providing transparency as we are about delivering great rates from trusted lenders. Read on to learn about the steps to getting a mortgage, as well as what happens after approval:

  1. Apply online, by phone or in person at our Regina offices.
  1. Meet to discuss your situation and determine what lending product best suits your needs. A broker will then submit your application to the lender for approval and gather any required documentation.
  1. Once you have made an offer on a property, your broker will submit it to the lender for approval, along with any relevant listing information.
  1. Once all conditions are met with the lender, the broker will provide a letter of financing approval.
  1. You will meet with your broker to sign documents, which will then be forwarded to the lender in order for it to prepare your lawyer’s mortgage instructions. A copy of the lender commitment is sent to your lawyer, along with financing numbers.
  1. Approximately two weeks prior to your closing or possession date, the broker will contact your lawyer to confirm all instructions have been received from the lender. Your lawyer will contact you to sign documents and supply the remainder of your down-payment and any other disbursements owed, such as adjustments for rental equipment, property taxes, and more.
  1. You will need to obtain fire insurance for your new home and take proof to the lawyer’s office when you sign documents.

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Verico Crown Mortgage Services Regina, SK
Verico Crown Mortgage Services Regina, SK
Verico Crown Mortgage Services Regina, SK
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